Dispatch and general delivery info.


Our last dispatch day will be 24 December 2021. We reopen and begin to dispatch again on the 5th of January 2022. You may not receive tracking information for any packages placed during this window until the 5/6th of January.

NZ orders: With overnight courier we recommend placing your order by or on the 21st of December, if rural we recommend a few days before (to allow the 5 working day window).

You'll be able to continue to place orders as usual during our shutdown period.

For customers in New Zealand

For deliveries within New Zealand we have partnered with CourierPost, who offer by far the fastest and most reliable domestic deliveries. All shipment sent with signature on delivery.

Shipping costs for ALL orders within New Zealand are completely FREE (regardless of how much you spend, your location or rural delivery!!)

Too easy!

Estimated delivery times.

International Tracking Explained

Express (Australia / Rest of World)



Shipment information received

The Vape Shop has printed your shipping label and your parcel is sitting in a stack awaiting pickup by the Express courier.

Shipment picked up

Your parcel has been picked up by our freight driver.

Customs status updated

Customs have processed your parcel. Click the red "further detail" link on the tracking page to see any relevant information about the customs process.

Our Express partners needs further information from the importer

Typically, this status will be automatically cleared and you don't need to provide any further information. In very rare cases, our express partners will contact you via phone or email if they need information, but the status usually just clears automatically and the parcel is delivered. You do not need to contact us if you see this tracking status.

Shipment has been given a release by Customs

Customs have inspected your parcel and cleared it for delivery.

Shipment on hold

Your parcel is in a holding area with thousands of other parcels waiting to be moved to a different part of the Express delivery network. This is completely normal, and doesn't affect the speed at which your parcel is delivered. Almost every single DHL parcel will show this status at one point or another, it's nothing to worry about and you do not need to contact us about it.

Unless there is an adhoc exam or a stop by another regulatory authority the shipment will proceed to delivery

Your parcel has been cleared for delivery, and the only thing that might interrupt it is if customs decide to arbitrarily pull your parcel out of the queue for further inspection. This almost never happens, and if it does you don't need to do anything and you don't need to contact us or DHL about it, customs will clear the parcel shortly afterwards.

Standard Post (Australia)



Processed at outbound depot

NZ Post have received the parcel at their outbound sorting facility in Auckland and are getting ready to load it onto one of the various planes that fly to different parts of Australia.

International departure

Your parcel has been loaded onto an NZ Post plane and is bound for Australia.

In transit with airline

99% of the time, "in transit with airline" means that the parcel has actually arrived in Australia but it's waiting to go through a customs inspection. This process can sometimes take a few days if customs has a backlog of international parcels to inspect. It's not unusual to see this status for several days in a row. We have no way to influence customs or ask them to expedite their inspection.

International arrival

The parcel has been released by customs and is now with Australia Post. At this point, Australia Post will treat the parcel the same as a domestic parcel and it's up to them to deliver it to your house. We have no control whatsoever over this process; we are a New Zealand company, we have no relationship with Australia Post at all and we can't influence the delivery of your parcel in any way. This status may stay the same for several days while Australia Post routes the parcel through their network, it's not unusual at all for Australia Post to never scan the parcel again until it's actually delivered, so don't panic if you don't see any updates after this point. Your parcel is fine, it will be delivered.