Important Notice to All Customers Regarding International Shipments and Customs Regulations

As a valued customer of The Vape Shop, we appreciate your choice to purchase our vaping products. Please be advised that regulations and policies regarding the importation of vaping products into various countries, including Australia, are subject to change and may affect the delivery of your order.

Customs and Regulations

Customer Responsibility: It is the responsibility of the customer to be aware of and comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to the importation and use of vaping products in their country. This includes obtaining any required prescriptions or permits for the importation and use of such products.

Regulation Changes: Customers are advised that regulations towards vaping products are subject to change. It is the customer's responsibility to stay informed about current regulations in their country.

Australian Border Force (ABF): For customers in Australia, please be aware that the Australian Border Force has the authority to confiscate packages that contain vaping products not accompanied by the necessary prescription or if they are otherwise deemed non-compliant with Australian laws and regulations.

Refund Policy for Confiscated Packages

No Refunds for Confiscated Goods: The Vape Shop will not issue refunds for purchases confiscated by any country's customs authorities, including the Australian Border Force. By purchasing vaping products from The Vape Shop, the customer acknowledges and agrees that they have read their country's regulations and accept the risk that their package may be confiscated if it does not comply with those regulations.

Liability: The Vape Shop shall not be liable for any loss, damage, cost, or expense related to the confiscation of goods by customs authorities. The responsibility for understanding and complying with importation laws and regulations rests solely with the customer.

Advisories and Recommendations

We strongly recommend that all customers verify the current regulations regarding the importation of vaping products into their country. Obtain any necessary prescriptions or permits required for the legal importation and use of vaping products.

The Vape Shop is committed to providing high-quality products and services to our customers. However, we must emphasise the importance of compliance with all laws and regulations regarding the importation of vaping products. By placing an order with The Vape Shop, customers agree to accept all terms and conditions outlined in this policy, including the acknowledgement that no refunds will be issued for confiscated goods.

For further inquiries or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.