New Zealand moved to Alert Level 3 at 11:59pm on Monday 27 April, and will remain at Level 3 for two weeks before review by Cabinet.


This means that as a essential service we have moved to the most restrictive operational procedures per our internal COVID-19 readiness plan.

What this means for your vape-mail:  

  • Your order will take longer to ship.
    • We have introduced smaller, isolated packing teams working around the clock. This will ensure that we can continue dispatching your product while keeping our people safe. 
  • Your order may take slightly longer to be delivered.
    • We have received advice from both DHL and NZ Post that deliveries may have an additional 1-4 days added to their delivery time due to reduced global air freight capacities. These delays may become longer if freight infrastructure falls under additional load.
    • DHL tracking may show a status of “Access restricted by the Consignee or Regulatory body” - please don’t fret, this is a generic status which indicates that DHL are sanitising the outer packaging of all parcels entering the country.
  • You may receive a tracking number on a weekend.
    • As we have moved to a seven-day rotating roster for our isolated dispatch teams, you may receive a shipment notification on either a Saturday or Sunday.
    • This means that we have;
      • packed your order,
      • printed your shipping label,
      • automatically generating a tracking number,
      • sent you a shipment email.
    • This tracking number will not update until the next business day, when a courier will pickup and scan your parcel into the freight system.

Every single online business, vape-related or not, is under a tremendous amount of stress right now in part due to reduced, isolated dispatch teams, and enhanced cleaning procedures - not to mention the extraordinarily high traffic caused by the closure of brick-and-mortar stores.

Every single freight company, regardless of country of origin, is similarly experiencing levels of disruption to their operations in one form or another.

We have spent countless hours preparing for this pandemic and have contingencies for every possible way that it could affect our operations - and we are confident that we will be able to serve you continually through this crisis while maintaining a safe working environment for our staff.

All we need in return is a little bit of patience as we roll with the punches.

In short: You will get your parcel, it will just take longer than usual.

- Much love,

the entire TVS team.