VE Premium - Vanilla Berry


"Look, having a vape- my uncle was a great vaper, the best, Dr Samuel at AVU, he knew, good lungs, very good lungs, OK, really smart- you know, if you're a vaper or if you aren't, or, like, OK, I'm a lung-hit vaper, they would say I'm one of the best vapers anywhere in the world- it's true!- but when you're a mouth-to-lung vaper they try- oh, do they do a number- that's why I always start off: Went to the best vaping schools in the country, was a good student, went there, went there, did this, built a vape empire- you know I have to give my like credentials all the time, because we’re a little disadvantaged—but you look at the Australian vaping deal, the thing that really bothers me—it would have been so easy, and it’s not as important as these lives are (vaping is powerful; my uncle explained that to me many, many years ago, the power and that was 35 years ago; he would explain the power of what’s going to happen and he was right—who would have thought?), but when you look at what’s going on with those four cloud chasers in the Pilbara—now it used to be three, now it’s four—but when it was three and even now, I would have said it’s all in the messenger; fellas, and it is fellas because, you know, they don’t, they haven’t figured that the women are smarter right now than the men, so, you know, it’s gonna take them about another 150 years—but the Melbournites are great negotiators, the Sydney-siders are great negotiators, so, and they, they just blew the best clouds, they blew the greatest clouds, no doubt."
- Momo J Trump, 2017 (excerpt from speech at the Australian Vaping University)

covfefe takes the best parts of Rasmus and Momo's Milk, and smashes them together to create a god-emperor-tier e-liquid.  PS. Please don't take the Trump reference too seriously. 

  • VG/PG Ratio: 70/30
  • Bottle Material: 60ml Chubby Gorilla bottle
  • Cap: Child-Resistant Cap w/Nozzle
  • Ingredients:  Palm-free glycerine, propylene glycol, natural and artificial flavours, nicotine.
  • Product of Aotearoa 


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