What's new this month?

What a busy month it's been here for us at The Vape Shop! Lot's of exciting things happening and we can't wait to tell you about them.

Just this week we received our shipment of Apocalypse Gen 2 RDA's from Armageddon Manufacturing. These bad boys are 24mm with gold plated decks, precision made in the USA for the ultimate vaping experience. Complete with a 4ml deep juice well and massive wire space, these are the RDA's you want if you're into big builds that hit like a truck.

Apocalypse Gen 2's come in a range of awesome colours and materials with a special coloured drip tip specifically matched to the finish of the RDA. We've been testing them here at the store and we absolutely love them. The tear drop design of the adjustable airflow gives you full customisation of exactly how you want your inhale to be.

Also new in are a range of amazing new vapour liquids. One's we're especially excited about are the new liquids by Marina Vape called "Ono". "Ono" the Hawaiian word for "delicious" are new coconut milk inspired liquids.

ONO is available in three different flavour variants - Strawberry, Mango and Original, there's a flavour for every coconut lover. We've had the pleasure of trying these, and we absolutely adore them. Imagine in one single vape you've been whisked away to a tropical island sitting in the hot sun on a golden sandy beach. It sounds cheesy, we know, but the flavour was that good and authentic!

Last but not least in todays update, we have a little bit of exciting news to share with everyone. We are due to open two more stores in the Wellington region very soon! Opening further stores, we hope to be more accessible to our valued customers around Wellington. Stay tuned for more updates, we're very excited about this so are keen to share more info with everyone soon!

June 28, 2017 — Sam Hardy