New Zealand vapers arguably are the most fortunate in the world. With the abundance of local vape stores and e-liquid makers, almost anything you desire from your favourite online NZ vape shop is just an overnight shipment away. From regular regional vape meets, to online communities such as “Vape NZ”, Kiwi’s are coming together to all help each other move away from traditional tobacco products.

Unlike many countries, there’s currently few restrictions and regulations regarding vaping, making it very accessible and affordable for new consumers to get into. What makes this even better is that the NZ government has recognised vaping as lower risk alternative to traditional tobacco products and have announced that all vape and e-cigarette products will soon be completely regulated to purchase within New Zealand.

Kiwi’s have shown a strong passion for kicking the smokes and starting vaping, and are so passionate there are thousands of members on Facebook groups designed to help others with their journey quitting smoking. The groups are completely eclectic, with people of all ages and race from all different walks of life. Everyone is equal there and everyone will always try and support their peers in their battle with smoking.

Vaping and e-cigarettes can also be a confusing subject to get your head around so luckily there are always people at any time of day waiting to answer any questions you may have. Vaping in New Zealand has grown into something so much more than just a smoking cessation tool, it’s become a community driven by education, harm reduction and most surprisingly, fun. New Zealand vapers have it pretty good right now, and it’s only expected to get better moving forward. With the change of legislation regarding vaping coming late 2018, we’re excited for what the future holds.

July 24, 2017 — Sam Hardy